Connecting Home Care Service Providers and Seniors with Confidence

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Product Information

Connected Care Communications (CCC) is a software provider that safely and securely delivers healthcare applications to bring together outpatients, seniors, family and the home care service providers and personal care workers that provide in home care.

Delivering continuity of care, ongoing monitoring, seamless transition across service workers, reduced patient risk and improved patient care. Our solutions focus on senior-centered goals in a home-based approach. We leverage digital, mobile and wearable technology to deliver services seniors and outpatients require while at the same time offering efficiencies and cost saving opportunities to home care service providers.

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Cammie Jaquays
Founder, Connected Care Communications

“After watching family and friends support and struggle to keep their aging parents in their own home, I was convinced there was a better way to deliver Senior home care. Connected Care Communications empowers Seniors to stay in their homes longer, connected, with all caregivers as informed as they possibly can be, delivering the best care possible.” - Cammie Jaquays - Founder, Connected Care Communications