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CCC eSupply: Ordering Medical and Equipment Supplies (APO/ASO) from Ontario LHINs has never been easier

Connected Care Communications’ (CCC) eSupply mobile app, is an intuitive and interactive medical supply order management software as a service (SaaS) that replaces home care service providers current paper-based system with a secure mobile app that is HSSO / LHIN Health Partner Gateway PXML Certified.

  • Seamless LHIN Medical and Equipment Supply ordering
  • Faster order time, increased order accuracy and cost saving efficiencies
  • No more paper and less transaction errors
  • Easy reordering and previous order view
  • Automated order tracking, including ‘Urgent’ supply orders
  • Full service provider administrative control and management

CCC eSupply Mobile App is Canadian-made and tailored to Canadian health care standards. All CCC eSupply data and technology is encrypted, secure and safely stored in Canada.

CCC IFSS – Remote Infusion Support. Coming May 2018!

Connected Care Communications’ eINFS automates the home care infusion process with a mobile app that allows the remote tracking of infusion pumps in home care clients’ homes and remote re-ordering of the accompanying required medications.

Nurses, from their phones, simply scan a unique identifier barcode in the client’s home to advise the pharmacy that a medication needs a reorder and/or that an infusion pump is ready for pick up / needs repair.

No more lost pumps nor waiting for medication delivery. Simple. Safe. Efficient.

IFSS Automated Home Care Infusion Support Features:

  • Infusion Provisioning Support
  • Mobile Provider IFSS App
    • Prescription Renewal Support
    • Equipment Support
  • Equipment Field Management Support
  • Central Office Coordination and Management Desktop App


CCC is fully compliant with Canada’s healthcare privacy regulations, including PHIPA compliance. Our secure platform will ensure that all your information and all actions of your home care workers in the field are safe and secure. Your client’s confidentiality will not be compromised.


Let us help you discover, develop and deliver innovative digital health solutions. Our CCC eSupply Platform subscription licensing model and straightforward integration with training is affordable and accessible, while providing service providers full control over their CCAC APO administration.

To schedule a CCC eSupply Platform demonstration, please contact Cammie Jaquays, Founder & CEO of Connected Care Communications at 1-705-654-3790 or

“We need to find efficiencies in our health care system that don’t always involve reducing the number of available beds or patient services. There is waste in the medical supply ordering process and Connected Care intends to change the marketplace by creating efficiencies, simply, using today’s technology.” - Cammie Jaquays – CEO / Founder, Connected Care Communications